Sunday, February 27, 2011

Picnic Manukan Island~

It's Sunday~
nothing to do~
so we (my aunt, cousin, & i) decided went for a picnic!
hey! seriously, it is fun!!
we ate~
we dive~ 
we play games~
we slept~ =_="
whoa! syok! :)

Waiting for the boat~ :)

hoo~ boat sampai sudaa! :p

here we go! its took about 15minutes ~

KK Town from the sea view~  nice huh~ 

1st thing we did : lunch! 

 then, we snorkeling! 

what a beautiful day~ && hot too~ =_="

my aunt~ & her novel~ 

snaped some memory with a beautiful scene before going back home

for those who haven't go to Manukan Island, u should go~ SERIOUSLY, it is fun! :)